Homemade Toothpaste???

No way right? Well I'm out of my Tom's of Maine toothpaste and I figured okay, I'll give it a try. Tom's has sodium lauryl sulfate (thats what makes it foamy) in it which doesn't please me so I don't want to go buy more, but I do have most of the ingredients for homemade stuff. Don't worry, it's not just baking soda, which you could use if you wanted to.

Here's what I used roughly, because I wasn't really going for a huge batch just a little trial size.
        - 1tsp. baking soda
        - 1tbsp. coconut oil
        - 8 drops peppermint essential oil (EO)
        - 1/8tsp. coconut sugar
        - a squirt of Dr. Bronner's Almond castille soap (very diluted)
 Normally I wouldn't suggest putting in coconut sugar, but many of the recipes I found used Xylitol or Stevia sweeteners in them and since I didn't have either of those I used Coconut sugar instead. Xylitol (xylitol.org) is supposed to actually help in preventing cavities so when I get a chance to buy it that is what I will use.

Now the first time I brushed I didn't have enough peppermint oil or the coconut sugar in my concoction
and I have to admit it was pretty gross. Tolerable if you have to, but if there's an option.. not so much. That's when I decided to go ahead and add my sweetener, I mean it's not actual white refined so maybe it won't cause huge cavities?? The oil and the sugar made enough of a difference to make it okay to use on a daily basis. At least for me. My 9 yr. old son was watching me mix my new potion and thought it smelled good enough for him to give it a try... he said it wasn't too bad! Now whether I can get my other 3 to use it is another question. I'm going to give a few more recipes a try to see what works. 

The upside... my teeth feel super clean sugar and all! Better than with Tom's actually, but I am biased, I think all my homemade natural products, especially my deodorant and chapstick, are better than Tom's!

Challenge- How daring are you willing to be? 
My toothpaste, just my trial size will probably last me at least a week if not more and only cost me a few cents to make. Might be worth it in the long run. I'll see what else I can figure out to make it more kid friendly too. I want to switch everyone over. I have officially become OBSESSED with making all my own natural beauty/health products and what I am learning is killing me! I am on a mission to rid my house and my family of the harmful everyday products we use!

Next mission.... Homemade shampoo, can I make it work?????

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