Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natural Makeup Reviews

Here's a few of the different natural make-up products that I have used and my review for them. Hopefully this might help narrow down the shopping and testing you might have to do when going with the natural lines of make-up, cause there not so cheap!


Josie Moran- I ran out of my other foundation so I went to Sephora to get some more and they no longer carry it =(! So one of the girls there recommended this Josie Moran tinted moisturizer with SPF 30. Well, not so much my favorite. I did buy it but will be returning it soon. I'm not a fan of the smell, it smells like sunblock which I don't like and makes me think there are some other icky ingredients in it that i don't want. As far as it's application, it seems to cover fine, but I prefer an actual foundation to a tinted moisturizer. The tube it's in too would cake up and dry out the top part so I feel like I was wasting it too. I won't be buying it again. Cost- $34

Dr. Haushka- I like this foundation. It goes on smooth and blends really well. My only problem with it is that it is not readily available to me through any stores close by so I have to buy it online. Luckily I found a store called The Derm Store, which had it and shipped for free. That's always a good thing. But having to buy online can always be iffy if you don't know the colors. I lucked out in that the color ended up being just right for me. I order 02 and it blends really well with my skin tone. I am fair skinned with  a tan at the moment, normally I would go with the 01.This is my 2nd favorite right now. Cost -$36

This one is my favorite! Korres Wild Rose Foundation, unfortunately it seems Korres is redoing their foundation line and I can't find it in my color anywhere anymore. i really loved this one. Loved the coverage, loved the rose scent it had that made me feel pretty just applying my foundation! If you can find it somewhere I most definitely recommend it. But I guess for me I will just keep using my Dr. Haushka until Korres comes out with their new line which will hopefully be as fabulous as their old one was!


Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing- I wouldn't recommend, I had flakes under my eye after only a few hours of wearing it. As far as application, all else was fine, but I don't like walking around with my mascara anywhere but on my eyelashes! Cost about $18

Korres Provitamin and Rice Bran- This is the one I am wearing now, and I will probably continue to use unless someone else knows of a better mascara. Application goes on fine, seemed to clump around the edges of my lashes at first, but there is always that breaking in time of mascara where the wand always seem to have too much on it. Now it's better and seems to stay put for the most part. I haven't noticed any flakes on my face or black marks by my eyebrow which is a good sign. Cost about $18

    Tarte Mascara - I don't have a picture for this one. This was my first mascara purchase when going natural. I wouldn't recommend it. The packaging sure is pretty, but I didn't feel like I got a whole lot of bang for my buck! I think it only lasted a week before it started getting gross and gummy and I couldn't get it to go on smoothly. It was a pain because normally when that happens it's no big deal, i just throw it in some hot water and it thins out and I can get a few more weeks use out of it. well that pretty packaging wasn't helpful there, I had to tear off the outer fabric so I could get it in the water, and even then it didn't do much thinning out. I was super disappointed in it especially after the girl at Ulta told me it was one of her favorites. I didn't find much greatness from it. Cost about $18.

Eye Shadow/Eye Liner -
Tarte Femme Naturale Eye Palette - I love this eye shadow. It goes on so nicely and has great color. I like it better than the Bare Minerals eye shadows I have used before. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive or that they would sell it in smaller cases with less options because I tend to only use about 4 of the colors on a regular basis. But I really do like it! Plus it comes with a brush and a dual eyeliner. I don't like the eye liner though, for eyeliner I am using Bare Minerals and I really like it and feel no need to try anything else at the moment. Cost $44

I also use the Bare Minerals eye brow powder which is working great for me, so if you're unlucky enough to have blonde eyebrows, I use the dark blonde color and it really works great!

So thats it for my make-up reviews for now. I'm kind of all over the place, I wish there was one brand that I could just have as my go to for everything, but unfortunately that is not the case. Oh and as far as Bare Minerals Foundation, I know many people like it and I have used it before, but I prefer an actual liquid foundation. My face felt too layered with the mineral powder and it came off of my husbands shirt's when I would hug him or lean on his shoulder. I like my make-up to stay on my face and not end up where it's not supposed to be! I hope this helps out to someone who is wondering which make-up to try out first!

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