Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Products Coming Soon!

I have been researching some new products for Simply Me. After a litte tweaking I will soon be adding to my product list (hopefully if all goes well)... a sunblock stick, and a friend of mine has told me I need to do some goats milk soap, so I will be trying that one out soon and if it turns out I will be doing a bit more!

I'm really excited to be learning these things. I guess it just proves how sometimes through our life's trials we can be stronger. If I had never developed my crazy skin allergies I would never had started researching out the great natural products that I can make that are so much better for me. I'll be posting soon when I get my ingredients for the new things.

I should also be getting in my ingredients soon for my other products, so if you want something in particular let me know!


  1. I'd be interested to see what is in your sunblock stick. Last year we used fractionated coconut oil and that helped. I have also heard that Frankincense is a good sunblock. we will be experimenting this summer.- Deana

  2. Hi Tammie! I saw on facebook that you shared this blog. I think this is great! We too have recently been trying to change our lifestyle. We use essential oils, have chickens and a nubien, (which is due any day now) Kids are so excited! I would love to try your deodorant and your lip balm. You can reach me by email: azcncarter at cox . net. I am excited to follow your blog, your kids are so cute!
    Natalia (Jones)

    1. Thats so exciting Natalia! Growing up would you have ever thought you would have a goat? It totally shocked me that we did this, the chickens weren't quite a shock although the amount that we have is! I'll put you on my contact list for when I get these new ones made. I have an order coming in with all of my supplies soon! Thanks for following!