Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Product Pictures

Here's what I took with me to the Garden Tour on Saturday along with some yummy lemon burst cookies.

These are my homemade all natural products, Deodorant in Cocoa Tangerine and Lavendar Lemon, my body butters- Cocoa Tangerine and Mango Lavendar, and my amazing chapstick- in unscented and peppermint.

The Garden Tour was a lot of fun, although I believe I overextended myself a bit. I should have held back and only chosen about 3 things to take. But, my chapstick and deodorant sold really well, which I am really happy with. Plus I was able to hang out next to my cousin Aaryn, whom I hardly ever see but always have fun talking to when I do see her, not to mention seeing my other cousins that I grew up running around with, swimming, and pretending (although I wasn't right next to them so I didn't get to talk to them as much). I will definitely head back next year with a little bit more knowledge and experience under my belt.

If anyone would like to order any of these, just comment and we can work out the details. I am planning on doing some different scents with my chapstick and seeing what else I can do with my deodorant, it really works great by the way, I've been using it for about a month and when outside sweating the rest of my body starts to smell of sweat but my underarms still smell good!

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