Monday, June 25, 2012

Oil Pulling

I read about oil pulling on a site while I was searching for toothpaste recipes and I thought I would give it a try. I mean why not when I am trying just about everything else, right? I'm hoping that I can convince my husband to give it a try after I do it for a little bit. Why is it always the husbands who have to be convinced? I'm not a crazy lady! Didn't he know that when he married me? Why would he think I would turn crazy on him now and make him try something that would be horrible? I can't recall an instance that he can use against me! Well here goes my test run!!

Day 1- I only lasted about 5 min. I think I put more than a tablespoon in my mouth and it was too much to keep swishing around for that long. We'll see results wise what happens though.

I think I may have had some sensitivity in my back molars. These are teeth that at random times do have sensitivity to anything sweet though. I just brushed with myrrh and they were fine.

Day 2- I did it for about 12 minutes today!

Day 3- Well I lost 2 pounds since yesterday. I don't know if that is connected in any way though. I was able to get in a full 15 minutes today, which wasn't easy with my kids constantly trying to ask me questions!

Day 4/5- I got in my 15 minutes again on day 4 but i don't really remember much else. Day 5 I was only able to get in a few minutes because the lid on our chickens water wasn't coming off and my son was getting close to beating it, so I had to spit it out and yell at him! Boys and their tempers I tell ya!

Day 6- My kids are getting really good at the charades game we play every morning! The first couple of days I did notice sensitivity in my back teeth but now I haven't noticed any for a few days. I can't tell if I'm having any other results, there aren't any negative at least. I'm going to keep on using it just because for now. Really i won't see any true results until going to the dentist but who knows when that will be!

Day 7- Still doing it! It definitely has gotten easier to swish for 15 minutes and i don't really notice the flavor or texture much.

Days 8/9- Nothing much to report. I have lost another pound, but don't really know if it's tied into oil pulling or not. I have had 2 migraines since starting, but also, they happened after playing volleyball which has happened quite a lot to me before. Reading on it does say that it is supposed to help with migraine headaches, I don't know if that is if you oil pull while you have the headache or if it is supposed to cure you of them forever. Who knows, maybe it's one of those it will get worse before it gets better things because it is bringing up all of the toxins and causing problems until they are removed. I'm going to keep doing it though. Daily for a few more days and then just a couple times a week after that.

Day 11- I really can't tell if this has made a difference for me. I try to exercise and eat well as it is so maybe all of my results are internal and not something that I would see. My teeth seem somewhat whiter but that is about all that I can tell. I am hoping that it will help me get rid of my migraines but I'm  pretty sure my migraines are due to my neck issues which might not be effected by oil pulling. On it says that the best oil to use is sunflower oil. I don't know, I've been using coconut oil so maybe when I get to my health food store I will try to find sunflower oil and see if it makes any difference.

I'm going to keep up with it but I would love to hear from anyone who ends up being daring enough to give oil pulling a try. It may help strengthen your teeth so if you are heading to the dentist soon maybe try doing this for a few weeks beforehand and see what your results are. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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